(Note:  You agreed to these when you opened your Card Store.)

  1. All sales are final and cannot be reversed.  Please note that The Card Store provides you with a messaging system in the event you need to ask questions of card sellers prior to purchase.
  2. An 18% fee is assessed upon sale of any card listed in The Card Store marketplace.  This 18% is non-recoverable for sellers or buyers. 
  3. Seller earnings will be paid out the following month.  In a few cases for sellers with large stores and a good track record, pay outs may happen in a much shorter time frame.  Please inquire if this is of interest to you.
  4. All prices should include shipping/handling.  In the event a buyer buys more than one card from the same seller at the same time, sellers can reimburse buyers directly for excess shipping charges.  Shipping should take place within 3 business days unless pre-arranged with the seller.
  5. There are no limits on prices.  Pricing is up to sellers.  Pricing can be edited at any time.  We encourage you to consider feedback and available price guides (ex: vintagecardprices.com) when pricing your cards.
  6. Editing any card image/price/text can be done at any time through the seller dashboard.
  7. Sellers or buyers can be removed from The Card Store at any time due to inappropriate behavior (threatening behavior, excessive foul language, excessive inventory shortfall issues, not providing payment or cards once a deal is reached, etc.).  If you notice inappropriate behavior, please report it to The Card Store.
  8. Sellers agree to remove card listings once those cards have sold (on or off the marketplace).
  9. Any buyer or seller (not affiliated with The Card Store) may participate in card drawings on The Card Store’s Facebook page per those drawing requirements.